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Mountain Rainier Snow is a simple and handy screensaver that displays to your desktop animated snow flakes that fall down, creating the illusion of a winter season.Mountain Rainier Snow combines the screensaver with relaxing sounds and let's you enjoy the view of the mountain and falling snow flakes.
Price: $15.95 $
Size: 2.1 MB

Autumn Waterfall is an interesting screensaver that displays to your desktop animated waterfalls.Specially designed for nature lovers, the screensaver uses Flash action scripts and comes alongside with relaxing and serene sounds of the displayed waterfall. By using Autumn Waterfall, you can bring the nature and its beauty in your home.
Price: $19.95 $
Size: 2.3 MB

Bouncing Globes 2.0

Bouncing Globes is an alternative to the default Windows screensavers that features an interesting animation with multiple globes. It includes a variety of globes that are moving on the desktop and interact with each other.You can use this screensaver to protect your screen or to amuse yourself when you want to take a break from work.
Price: $15.95 $
Size: 609 KB

Annals of Botany

Annals of Botany is a simple screensaver that includes a large collection of images inspired from the magazine with the same name. The screensaver allows you to protect your desktop and view beautiful images with plants from around the world.You can configure the slideshow by changing the image order by using the context menu on the SCR file.
Price: $0
Size: 2.4 MB

Abstract Space Screensaver comes packing some very fancy graphics for a screensaver. Its high-quality graphics sets it apart from the crowd.While in idle state, your computer's monitor may experience the sudden death of random pixels and that is why screensavers were invented. Limitations: &mid.
Price: $2.99 $
Size: 572 KB

Electric Sheep comes to life when the screensaver is activated. Then the screen goes black and an animated 'sheep' appears. Behind the scenes, the screen-saver contacts a server and joins the parallel computation of new sheep. Every fifteen minutes 24/7 a new sheep is born and distributed to all clients for display.
Price: $0
Size: 19 MB

Relax Water Effect is a simple yet quite effective means of customizing your screen to give it an original look. The screensaver included in the package can make your desktop look like it is submerged under water.The water ripple, rain drop and other effects will surely transform the appearance of y.
Price: $5.00 $
Size: 2.1 MB

Endless Slideshow Screensaver is a cross-platform utility with a pretty self-explanatory title, as it is able to enhance your desktop by displays various images. Once you have installed the application, it is placed in the Windows screensaver menu, thus allowing you to set it as the default screensaver, and change various settings.
Price: $0
Size: 3.2 MB

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